Solea Beauty Salon


Today we've been at Solea Beauty in East Grinstead filming the very gorgeous Dominika Stanislawska, demonstrating her Dermalogica MBS skin treatment facial.
Dominika owns Solea Beauty which has recently had a refurb and is looking absolutely stunning! The new interior is fresh, light and welcoming which definitely reflects Dominika's professionalism, personality and approach to life. She's extremely passionate about skin care and really cares about supporting all of her clients to achieve great and lasting results.

I don't often get time to have a facial myself, but after watching Dominika give the treatment today it's left me desperate to book one! I never really thought of a facial as a relaxing treatment before, more something you'd have if you had a specific skin problem, or as a real treat for a special occasion, but today has totally changed my opinion. Not only was the facial uniquely tailored for her clients personal skin care needs, but it also looked blissfully relaxing..... So much so that her client fell asleep during her treatment even with us filming!
Afterwards, I jokingly asked the client how she was able to sleep whilst we were talking and moving around her with cameras and she replied that Dominika has a very special therapeutic touch :)


Personal treatment goals aside, we had a really enjoyable day filming at the Salon and look forward to creating the edit. Watch this space!

Find out more about Solea Beauty and the treatments on offer see the link below:

Daniel Gajjar