Filming at Christmas? Be a ninja!

We recently filmed a promotional video for Sugar Cane Bar in Clapham. This took place on Saturday 17th December.... Yep, that probably rings a bell with you because it also happens to be known as the busiest night of the year for work Christmas parties!! And WOW, it was definitely busy! It was a real challenge moving around stealthily with our equipment and not getting drinks spilt all over us but I'm happy to say, we mostly managed! Working in conditions like this you need to take minimal gear with you and be prepared for a bicep work out as most of the night you end up holding your cameras way above your head!! Before we arrived we already knew it was going to be a crazy night so we told ourselves it's simple... Just be ninjas! Haha... So that's what we did. We went in there dressed in black (prepared for spills!) and with a mindset of filming like ninjas, ie. get in there quick, get what we need, move around quickly and weave in between the crowds effortlessly without causing any dramas! Haha... And it worked! We're really pleased with the footage and look forward to sharing the finished film with you guys soon on our 'commercial' page. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 16.43.23.png
Daniel Gajjar