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YouTube 'More Than Just Viewers' Campaign Roadshows

For the last 2 months we've been working with AMV Live, the Experiential Events division of renowned Ad agency AMV BBDO on the new YouTube campaign 'More Than Just Viewers'.
For this campaign we edited around 40 videos of content for their 'pods' which have been specially built for this brand activation, and will be located in various locations throughout the UK over the next 3 weeks. The lovely shiny red pods are large enough for 3 or 4 people to enter at a time and once inside they will find a large TV screen playing an explainer video of a YouTube challenge that they then have to complete. The challenges include the 'Whisper Challenge', 'Accent Challenge', 'Tongue Twister Challenge'... and so on (there are 6 in total). After the videos have played, the screen will display a 60 second countdown timer (that we made) and a camera will switch on to record the challengers taking part themselves!!
The recordings of the people in the pods will be sent to us at Blondot in real-time for us to censor out any obscenities and re-upload them instantly to a dedicated YouTube channel for the campaign!

We'll also be producing compilation videos every day, showcasing all of the best bits from each location. It's going to be a VERY busy few weeks but it'll also be so funny watching everyone attempt these challenges and choosing the best bits for their highlights!!!!

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CoolSculpting Video at Pulse Light Clinic

Last night we were at the new Pulse Light Clinic near Bank in London, filming their latest treatment, CoolSculpting! It was totally fascinating to watch and something we'd never heard of before so it was great to make a video explaining exactly what this is and how it works.
Lucy was the Specialist demonstrating the consultation process and treatment on some of her clients for us. This lady has given interviews with the BBC on these treatments before so she was relaxed in front of the camera and really great at making her clients feel at ease.


CoolSculpting is the trade name for the process of Fat Freezing which literally entails freezing sections of fat on your body for about 35 minutes and then watch as the fat disappears over the next few weeks! It's non invasive and pain free. Is this a dream? How come we'd never heard of it before?!! With endorsements from celebs like Debra Messing from Will & Grace it's now taking off in a big way at Pulse Light Clinic.


Big thanks to the wonderful Tonie at the Clinic for introducing us the the wonders of fat freezing! It's always great working with you guys :)