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YouTube 'More Than Just Viewers' Campaign Roadshows

For the last 2 months we've been working with AMV Live, the Experiential Events division of renowned Ad agency AMV BBDO on the new YouTube campaign 'More Than Just Viewers'.
For this campaign we edited around 40 videos of content for their 'pods' which have been specially built for this brand activation, and will be located in various locations throughout the UK over the next 3 weeks. The lovely shiny red pods are large enough for 3 or 4 people to enter at a time and once inside they will find a large TV screen playing an explainer video of a YouTube challenge that they then have to complete. The challenges include the 'Whisper Challenge', 'Accent Challenge', 'Tongue Twister Challenge'... and so on (there are 6 in total). After the videos have played, the screen will display a 60 second countdown timer (that we made) and a camera will switch on to record the challengers taking part themselves!!
The recordings of the people in the pods will be sent to us at Blondot in real-time for us to censor out any obscenities and re-upload them instantly to a dedicated YouTube channel for the campaign!

We'll also be producing compilation videos every day, showcasing all of the best bits from each location. It's going to be a VERY busy few weeks but it'll also be so funny watching everyone attempt these challenges and choosing the best bits for their highlights!!!!

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Wedding Capture?.... Make Love Not War

Is it true that Wedding Photographers and Videographers don't get along? We've heard this mentioned many times and yet never experienced any rivalry ourselves! 
There have of course been some challenges which I'll go into later, but not getting along? Simply not true.

As Videographers, I can testify that we've worked alongside some absolute gems in this line of work and have actually found that we usually end up making great friends and allies in the industry. 
So what is the issue? Well, firstly I wonder if it all comes down to how secure you feel in your own profession. By this I mean, why would there ever be any rivalry between anyone unless at least one party felt slightly insecure? And maybe that's why we've been so lucky. Every photographer that we have been lucky enough to work alongside so far has been well established and happy in their profession.

A wedding guest asked me recently if I believed that traditional Wedding Photography is in danger of being bumped and replaced with Videography, and if that idea causes a rift between the two.
His question stemmed from the fact that in this digital age of social media and selfies, many guests now have their own fancy cameras and smartphones (as did he) that take good quality pictures, whereas good quality Videography is harder to capture and edit well as a novice. You might think this is a good argument for Videography and we should be jumping on that idea and running with it to try and win more business away from those pesky Photographers :-) but there are so many reasons why this is a crazy idea and ultimately a detrimental thing to do for ourselves, the industry and most importantly the wedding couple. 
Ultimately, both Videography and Photography have been born from the same need. A need for remembrance.

We've all heard it countless times haven't we, how the most important day of our lives goes in the blink of an eye and is over before we know it!

Capturing the day from beginning to end with photos and videos is the most reliable and easily accessible way to re-live your wedding and all of the special moments that took place.

Now this is the big difference, your photos will be printed and hung or placed with pride of place in your house to be seen on a daily basis. They should be the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourselves and ignite a special feeling everytime you look at them. This feeling will not age and this is why we believe it is vital that you choose professional photography over friends and family capture. They'll also be able to edit your photos better than you can imagine and will present your photos to you in a way that will feel like you're receiving another wedding gift!

Videography is a very different ball game. With a wedding video, not only can you re-live the most important wedding moments again and again as you watch, you can also hear the emotion in voices, the happiness of laughter and the music that brings back strong sensory memories. It's a very powerful tool and becomes increasingly important as time goes by to be able to watch again and feel comfort from the faces and voices of the people closest to you on that special day. There is nothing quite like it. All of the little details that perhaps you missed on the day, the expressions on peoples faces when they were touched with emotion (or embarrassment) when listening again to the speeches. 

Since both Videography and Photography have such different, but equally important roles to play in remembering this day, I see it as an honour to work with Photographers who also feel the same way we do about putting the couple first and capturing the best footage possible to ensure they have memories to last for a lifetime. 

Now.... THIS is the point if any that there can be challenges if you don't have a good rapport! The main difference between Videography and Photography is that one captures moving images and one captures still, right? Sounds obvious. But since couples would traditionally always book a Photographer and only sometimes book a Videographer, Photographers have more often than not, been used to working alone on weddings. Cue the Videographer. Despite the Photographer and Videographer getting along well, with the best intentions in the world, they do sometimes get in each others way! Ultimately we have both been booked to capture the best footage possible, just using different mediums. And since it is a live event and there are no re-runs, it's extremely important that both capture what they need at exactly the right time! In this sense I believe it's easier for the Photographer since they have to capture stills so it's snap, snap, snap and hopefully it's done, whereas film is obviously a continuous motion with the camera rolling and there is very, very little room for error. Our only difficult experiences in working with Photographers is when they have not been used to working with Videographers and have accidentally walked into our shots forgetting we are filming not photographing, leaving them unusable. (That being said, I'm pretty sure we have got in some of their shots at times too. It's just what happens)! But there is an easy solution,... build a good rapport and start it before the wedding! Before every wedding that we shoot, we contact the Photographer and introduce ourselves. We try to build a good relationship with them before the day and give them as much information about our filming style as possible so that they know what to expect. We also try to find out as much from them about their style as possible too so that we can be equally sensitive to their needs on the day. I believe if you go in friendly and non-competitive from the word go, then there's no reason why both professionals can't work really really well together and ultimately, isn't it much better to have friends in the industry who help each other out than otherwise?
I for one can say that having enjoyed working with some excellent photographers, I have recommended them to new couples and vice versus. Before you know it, you're linking up and taking bookings together!!

The take home from this? Don't listen to the haters, be confident in your position but not arrogant. Share the shot and work together. If you stick to this? You can make love not war at work!